I’ve argued that the handkerchief is the most eco-friendly way to blow your nose, catch coughs, and snare sneezes.

I’ve also made the case that handkerchiefs are no more or less sanitary than paper tissues – and that HankyBooks offer the most protection of all.

And now, thanks our new infographic, I want to shed a light on just how handy the hanky can be.

I’ve collected 17 handkerchief uses but there are so many more. Having a hanky on hand can be a lifesaver in a multitude of ways.

Enough yabbering – enjoy the tips below and let me know what I missed.

17 handkerchief uses infographic

17 Handkerchief Uses

#1 – As a Hanky (duh)

The primary purpose of a handkerchief is as the eco-friendly choice for catching sneezes, coughs and runny noses. 

#2 – As a Sweatband

If it’s you running a marathon and not your nose, a 80s makeshift headband does the trick.

#3 – As a Snackbag

Grab a muffin or some biscuits and tie them up in a handy snackbag on the go!

#4 – As a Face Blotter

Mop your brow, the back of your neck, or dab the sweat off your makeup with a soft cloth that won’t ruin your foundation. 

#5 – As a Flyswatter

Using the ‘rat tail’ method, roll a man-size hanky and use it to precisely hit any pesky flies.

#6 – As a Water Filter

A hanky can be used as step one in filtering water. It will remove large objects like rocks, sticks, leaves, and bugs.

#7 – As a Face Mask

Whether you are trying to prevent getting sick or robbing a bank, a handkerchief makes a quick and easy mask in a pinch.

#8 – As a Tourniquet

If the robbery didn’t go as planned it can be used to tie around an injured limb to slow down blood loss.

#9 – As a Glasses Cleaner

No explanation needed – wearers of glasses understand the never-ending struggle with fingerprints and smears.

#10 – As a Washcloth

Sometimes there’s no time for a full on shower. Get your handkerchief wet and viola – a makeshift washcloth awaits.

#11 – As an Eye Shade

Enjoying a day out in the sun but no sunglasses or hat in sight. A hanky over your eyes will provide enough relief while you enjoy a siesta.

#12 – As a Headband

Keep your hair out of your face by wearing it as a headband or wrap it around you pony to dress up a bad hair day.

#13 – As a Finger Splint

When you need to support your damaged finger after a nasty accident, whip out your hanky to create a temporary finger splint.

#14 – As an Ice-pack

When life throws you a bump or sprain, wrap your hanky around a few handfuls of ice to reduce the swelling.

#15 – As a Teabag

Call it a hack if you will. Simply wrap and twist your tea leaves in a hanky and seep it in hot water like a tea bag! The queen would be proud.

#16 – As a Make-up Remover

If you want to remove your makeup, put water and some gentle lotion on your hanky and scrub your warpaint away.

#17 – Or Just Get a HankyBook

HankyBooks can do most of the above and so much more. In fact, here are 23 uses of the HankyBook – talk about versatile 😉

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