Frequently Asked Questions

The HankyBook is a complete evolution of the Handkerchief and you’re BOUND to have oodles of questions. If you don’t see your question addressed here then please CONTACT US!

How many pages are in a HankyBook?

There are 8 super absorbent US-made organic cotton pages in each HankyBook bound by the cover on both sides. Simply turn the page each time for a fresh surface.

How to you care for the HankyBook?

Using a HankyBook is easy but there are definitely a few “tricks” that we recommend. Jump HERE to visit our HankyBook Care page.

Where are the HankyBooks made?

We are happy to say that HankyBooks are still made close to home. All HankyBooks are sewn in San Diego, CA, just miles from the site of where the first HankyBooks were made. The pages and covers are made of organic cotton fabric that is U.S milled as well.

Why is the HankyBook made out of Organic Cotton?

We use organic cotton because cotton is one of the most pesticide and insecticide- heavy crops in the world. In growing organic cotton, no chemical fertilizers are used, improving the health of the environment as well as the people working in the fields.

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