Being sick blows.

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And we mean that quite literally. 

Not only is the constant sniffling a pain, but all the wiping and blowing can lead to your already delicate nose being rubbed raw. Ugh. 

At least we have the softness and absorbency of organic cotton handkerchiefs to see us through these troubling times! 

Hankies? You mean tissues, right?

Nope. Where have you been? Paper tissues are old news! 

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Let’s look at the facts. Tissues are:

Terrible for the environment 

A single-use tissue takes so many resources to end up in your hand. And then a quick honk on your nose-horn and they go straight in the bin. Or the landfill because recycling tissue paper is actually not easy.

And tissues are made of paper, you know. You’re basically wiping your nose on thousands and thousands of trees! 

Hankies, however, are clearly the more sustainable option, mostly because they are reusable. Made out of soft, organic cotton, just toss your handkerchief in the wash to be used over and over again – making the impact lighter on your wallet and on the planet! 

Pretty gross

People tend to think of tissues as more hygienic than hankies – you simply blow your nose and toss them safely in the bin along with the germs, right?

In theory, yes. But think about it this way: you’re at the supermarket, out at the park, or busy typing away on that new report when you have to blow your nose… are you getting up to find a bin? Or are you quickly tossing it wherever is handy – your bag, your desk, etc? 

A bunch of snotty rags stashed in your handbag? Uh… no thanks. 

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At least handkerchiefs can be folded to keep germs trapped – or just use a HankyBook.

And very unstylish

These days, it’s all about individuality. You can customize everything from your nails to your phone cover to your face mask… so why stick with boring old tissues?

Handkerchiefs, on the other hand, offer an endless range of styles and variations. From a crisp, simple option, to the bright and funky ones, hankies are the perfect way to express your unique sense of style.

Is organic cotton better than cotton? 

Is there really that much of a difference? You say po-tay-to, I say po-tah-to etc. 

Okay, seriously – who actually says po-tah-to? Probably the same kind of person who thinks organic and non-organic cotton is the same! Let’s look at the reality of non-organic cotton: 

Artificially produced

The main difference between organic and non-organic cotton is how it’s grown. As the world’s most popular material, it can be difficult for farmers to keep up with demand, leading quite a few to resort to artificial ways of speeding up the process. 

While organic cotton is grown naturally, non-organic often makes use of… synthetic chemicals. 

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It may not seem like that big of a deal, but the use of certain chemicals and pesticides can irritate skin and potentially disturb the earth’s soil and water balance.

Less than pure

Non-organic cotton is usually machine-picked, meaning the purity and integrity of the fibers can become lost or damaged. 

Hand-picked organic cotton, on the other hand, retains the purity and softness of the cotton, which leads us to our next point… 

And just plain itchy

If you want softness and durability in your cotton products, organic is the way to go. Free from irritating chemicals, environmentally damaging herbicides, and hand=picked for strength and purity, this is the only material you want near your nose! 

The best organic cotton handkerchiefs 

Well, first of all, you definitely want a handkerchief that is made from organic, breathable cotton. Not only are organically sourced hankies better for the environment, but the soft cotton material is also gentle on the skin and ultra-absorbent. 

Second of all: why stop at just one? Get a bunch and mix and match your stylish accessories!

So, with that in mind, let’s look at some of the best organic cotton handkerchiefs for all types of people: 

The princess 

Did you know that back in Roman times, hankies were considered luxury items? It makes sense: dainty, elegant and ever so chic, a hanky is the ultimate fashion accessory. 

Whether you’re discreetly dabbing away a tear, touching up your makeup, or just love cute swathes of cotton, today’s hankies can be just as elegant and feminine as when our ancestors used them. Just take a look at these pretty pastels or these floral stunners. Throw in this vintage handkerchief and you’ll truly have a stylish hanky for every occasion.

The problem solver

One doesn’t exactly think of organic handkerchiefs in terms of innovation – but they never met me. 

I have:

  • An engineer background
  • A passion for creating sustainable products
  • A runny nose that never says quit

Those three things were the impetus behind my creating HankyBook’s soft, sustainably sourced, super soft organic cotton “pages” in the form of a book shape that is easy to use AND keeps germs from spreading. 

Leslie Uke

It’s basically the handkerchief 2.0 and, luckily enough, people seem to love it :-)

The manly man 

Hankies aren’t just for sneezes, you know. They can also be used to mop up grease spills from your motorbike, the sweat from your brow after a long day of work, or even a tear or two… 

Hey, it’s 2021, there’s nothing wrong with shedding a few manly tears

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Especially not when you’re wiping them away with a stylish, masculine option like this one or this one. While bold, darker colors and classic square shapes are timeless, don’t be afraid to let loose and play around with a few polka dots

The green queen (or king!)

As mentioned above, cotton hankies are great for the environment, especially when certified organic and made out of 100% cotton. 

HankyBook - Simply The Best Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs for 2021 and Beyond -

It stands to reason then that any eco-friendly warrior worth their salt would naturally be a fan of these clean and green anti-germ machines. And, with a large variety of plain, patterned or downright unique options to choose from, caring about the planet has never looked this good! 

The eccentric

Some people just radiate individuality and charm. They never follow trends – they set them! So, if you are someone who marches to the beat of their own drum – why not blow your nose to your very own personalized handkerchief?

HankyBook - Simply The Best Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs for 2021 and Beyond - Leo

You can customize your hanky with anything from your name to an important date to a favorite quote or saying. Not only will you be blowing your nose or wiping up spills in style, but you’ll also be able to express your personality in a truly unique way. One thing’s for certain: there’s only one of you in the world and only one of your hanky! 

In conclusion 

The humble hankie has many uses – from blowing your nose to cleaning your hands, to mopping up life’s many little spills and mishaps. Not only are they soft, absorbent and stylish – they’re cost-effective and eco-friendly too. Not bad for a little piece of fabric! 

Remember, when choosing a hanky, try to pick out one that is 100% certified organic cotton. Your nose, wallet, and planet will thank you!