If you’ve been wondering how to fold a handkerchief for an oh-so-elegant suit pocket look, you’ve come to the right place.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try out a fancy handkerchief fold. Or maybe you tried, and the result was something that looks more like you’ve stuffed a sock in your suit pocket.

Or maybe you used your hanky for…function, and now you are worried about getting your pocket dirty if you don’t wrap up the ick. 

Whatever the reason, we are here to help! 

Handkerchiefs + Suits = Peanut Butter + Jelly

Styling your suit with a hanky or a pocket square is a must for many reasons: 

  • First, it adds that pop of color you might be missing! 
  • Second, it can complement your tie or bow. 
  • Third, it looks pretty posh! Someone might even call you sir… 
  • Fourth, just to change your look up a bit. The same suit can be given a fresh look with a different fold and pop of color.  

A pocket square is truly timeless if you do it right. And now – let me show you how to do it right! 

7 different handkerchief folds to cover all occasions. 

The Presidential Fold 

This is an effortless fold, no origami required! All you need to do is fold your hanky in half (or as many times as you need to fit the width of your shirt pocket. (Side-to-side) 

Once you have the width folded nicely, fold it over again at the height (top to bottom), but don’t take it all the way, allow a centimeter or so to show off both edges. 

Now you can easily pop it into your shirt with both edges facing outwards and upwards! 

Simply stylish! 

Single Corner Fold 

This is also quite an easy fold, similar to the first one. We are going to fold our hanky in half, but this time, diagonally. 

From there on, we will take the two corners on the outer side and fold them in halfway, one at a time. 

You should have a shape with a single corner/triangle pointing upwards and two folds over the middle. This will be the side facing up and out of your shirt pocket. 

Double Corner Fold

This one is exactly like the Presidential Fold, but with an interesting and easy twist. 

Again, fold your hanky over diagonally, but here is the twist. Have the corners that would touch miss each other slightly so that you have two points next to each other. Now we just repeat the process and fold in the side corners halfway on both sides to allow it to fit in your pocket.

Allow the folds to point outwards and the two tips upward. 

It looks intricate, but it took just a few seconds. 

Three Corner Fold

By now you should get the hang of these. This time we are going to try three corners/tips. A little more intricate but still something anyone can do.  

Firstly fold your handkerchief diagonally as in the Double Corner Fold, allowing the corners to just miss each other at the top. Now you take the left long corner on the fold and fold it upwards, allowing its corner to run parallel to the two tips you just folded. Take the right side and wrap it across and around to hold it all together. 

You now have a crown in your pocket! 

The Puff Fold 

This is as easy as it gets. 

Lay your hanky flat down, pinch the centre and pull it up. You should now be holding it in a way that allows all the corners to hang evenly. Now you can take these ends and fold them up if they are too long for your pocket and leave the closed “puff” facing upwards in your pocket. 

And you thought creating stylish folds for your suit would be hard! 

Upside Down Pinch 

Similar to the Puff Fold, we are going to pinch the centre of the hanky and pick it up. Slide your hands over the hanging fabric to reduce the “puff”. Now, taking the pinched centre, we are going to start rolling it into a fold towards the open end. 

When the hanky is a pocket worthy size, you can flip it upside down and pop the folded side into your pocket, leaving the ends exposed like an open flower.   

Pyramid Fold 

So far, so easy – right? 

Well, that’s about to end. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for some origami!

We know you can do this, but if you get lost, you can just follow the images! 

First, fold your hanky in half, diagonally. Then take one corner and fold it back towards the long folded side. Allow the corner to go just past the folded line. It should now look like a diamond on a square shape. 

Take this same corner and bring it back, again just past the folded line. Repeat this process until you have a completed zig-zag pattern. 

From there on you will turn your creation over and fold in the sides to fit into your pocket, as with the previous styles. 

Pop it in with the zigzags facing outwards and adjust if necessary. 

Final thoughts 

You have truly become the James Bond of hanky origami. You will quickly notice that these folds come quite naturally once you have some practice. Also keep in mind that while these are some of our favorite folds, there are no right or wrong styles! 

Give it an extra corner, give it an extra twist, do it upside down or inside out. The only thing that matters is that you feel amazing and dashing! 

Now that you have the style down, you just need the hanky! Be sure to check out our fav 5 men’s hankies.

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