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6 Ladies Handkerchiefs You Need In Your Drawer

Forget about diamonds! A hanky is a woman’s best friend. Historically known as a handkercher or kerchief, it helps to wipe those unavoidable wedding tears, blow a persistent runny nose or even save the planet (think landfills).  Every woman can rely on a good...

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Guide to Best Men’s Handkerchiefs + Our Top 5 Picks

A handkerchief is an accessory that sets some men apart from others. If you aren't struggling with a cold or hayfever, you may not need a handkerchief most days. But on that day that you do pull out your trusty hanky to tend to a wounded child. Or improvise a...

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gift Guide for 2020

If you’re eco-friendly like me, you probably want to share your passion with friends and family. Eco-consciousness is infectious! I get asked for my opinion about environmentally friendly gifts all the time, so I thought that with the holidays on the way it would be a...

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How to stop sneezing and runny noses

As someone who has struggled with a runny nose and sneezing most of my adult life, I know all-too-well how debilitating it can be. Whether it’s from allergies, hayfever, or a nasty cold – the effect on your productivity, enjoyment, comfort, and even your relationships...

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Is the Handkerchief More Hygienic than Tissues?

Historically, the handkerchief (“hanky”) was the charming companion for anyone that urgently needed to wrangle a sneeze or blow a nose. By the mid-20th-century, disposable tissue paper had become a popular alternative. Initially created to remove cold cream from...

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The ultimate guide to eco-friendly wedding invitations

Everyone loves receiving a wedding invite, and not just because it’s something stylish to display on the mantlepiece. They’re a way of expressing to your loved ones that you want them to share in celebrating your future together. Beautiful, right? There, there And,...

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The perfect handkerchief for baby: A guide for parents

  Babies are adorable. Ask any parent, watching babies experience even the most mundane things for the first time allows you to see the world with new eyes. Their babbling laughter, their delight, and the joyfulness of their play are infectious!    ...

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