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The ultimate guide to eco-friendly wedding invitations

Everyone loves receiving a wedding invite, and not just because it’s something stylish to display on the mantlepiece. They’re a way of expressing to your loved ones that you want them to share in celebrating your future together. Beautiful, right? There, there And,...

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The perfect handkerchief for baby: A guide for parents

  Babies are adorable. Ask any parent, watching babies experience even the most mundane things for the first time allows you to see the world with new eyes. Their babbling laughter, their delight, and the joyfulness of their play are infectious!    ...

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23 Illustrated Uses of the Tissue Paper Replacement

The HankyBook is a stylish and multi-purpose set of handkerchiefs, presented in a uniquely charming book form. The lightweight “book” is the perfect travel companion and tissue paper replacement. Store one in your back pocket, bag, or purse and you’re ready to clean...

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Hanky or Tissue – which is better for the environment?

We’ve already talked about how our innovative handkerchief, the HankyBook, makes it easier than ever for you to keep the spread of germs in check. We’ve also shown how the elegant and functional HankyBook has over 20 common applications for everyday life. So it's good...

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How HankyBooks Are Eco-Friendly

In this age of shameless marketing, people are more scrupulous as to claims that state "eco-friendly" on any product packaging. As they should be! Transparency should be a quality all manufacturers should strive for. So why are HankyBooks good for the earth, you ask....

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