Once you’ve got your HankyBook, you want to make sure you get the most out of it. To help with that goal, here are 7 places you can keep your HankyBook for the best use…shoot back with your suggestions in the comments!


1) In Your Pocket or Purse

The HankyBook is very handy when you’re on the go – so carry it around in your pocket or your purse! The protective cover keeps your pockets clean and makes sure everything is sanitary – and the cool cover patterns may attract admiration rather than the grossed out looks a traditional handkerchief might.

2) In the Kitchen

“The kitchen?”, I hear you ask. Well, as you may have discovered by now, the HankyBook has a lot of uses. The absorbent pages will help pick up little spills or take off that steaming hot lid off the delicious soup you’ve just made. And of course, peeling onions tends to cause tearing, which clouds your vision a bit, and I for one am more comfortable seeing what I am doing when I work with a giant knife – wipe your eyes with your HankyBook…problem solved!


3) In the Car

Reading  a book by author Michael Pollan recently, I was shocked to read that we now eat a fifth of our daily meals in the car! As sad as that is on some level, it is perhaps understandable for today’s busy city dweller.

Where we eat (and drink) tends to be prone to spills and messes. HankyBooks are good to have around when you spill your morning coffee on the dashboard or drop a ketchup-bleeding french fry on the passenger seat – no need to waste those disposable paper tissues they hand out everywhere.


4) On Your Desk

Most people spend their working days at a desk these days. If you’re like me and suffer from allergies, being indoors may not help very much and wiping the nose in specific seasons is a constant need. Keep your HankyBook at your desk and you won’t fill up your trash can everyday with disposable tissues. The colorful patterns will liven up your desk too and brighten up the work day.


5) Next to the Bed

When I’m sick, I blow my nose a lot. I used to get very frustrated at all the paper I was using – and the nasty “rednose” (as my wife calls it, not sure if that’s an official medical term at this point) is certainly familiar. The HankyBook never causes that, and it’s an effective replacement for paper tissues.


6) In Your Gym Bag

Going to work out? Take your HankyBook! If you keep one in your gym bag you won’t forget it. Keeping it with you while working out will reduce your reliance on those towels they have to wash in the hundreds every day – or at least, will reduce your need to wipe your nose on your sleeves as you exercise.


7) Under the Christmas Tree

Give a HankyBook as a present and you’ll make a friend for life! Getting someone to reduce their use of disposables in favor of a washable and reusable alternative will win you major karma points too, and the Earth will thank you. Make sure to wrap your present in newspaper or some other reclaimed wrapping.


Have better ideas? Let us know below the line!