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Babies are adorable.

Ask any parent, watching babies experience even the most mundane things for the first time allows you to see the world with new eyes.

Their babbling laughter, their delight, and the joyfulness of their play are infectious!







A new parent will also tell you about those not-so-magical moments:

The late nights and early mornings. Cleaning up the spills and mess on baby’s hands and face, and don’t even mention the furniture.

These are labors of love and nurturing.

Despite not always being pleasant, they are part of the amazing experience of raising your little one.







That being said- anything that would make the work a little easier is a huge blessing.

Whether you’re expecting, a new parent, a grandmother, or the cool aunt or uncle, you want to make sure that when your precious little baby is in your arms, they’re in good hands.

So, when it comes to cleaning up the inevitable spills and sniffles, you’ll need a safe, soft, and reliable wipe or handkerchief for your baby.

Well, look no further. Here is the ultimate guide to the best hand and face wipes for your baby!









Just what is it about baby skin that smells so amazing? Ask anyone who’s recently held a newborn – new baby smell is a real thing!

Turns out, there’s some science to it. Studies show that the new baby scent affects certain brain regions in women responsible for reward-related pleasure centers, meaning it has an evolutionary advantage for mothers and babies.

Makes sense, really. What could bring a mother greater pleasure and joy than caring for their precious baby?

Another theory is that vernix, the white, waxy substance covering your baby shortly after birth is responsible for this feel-good smell.

Fun fact: this cottage cheese like substance is actually moisturizing – so don’t wipe it off, rub it in! Whatever the cause, sadly this scent only lasts for around six months, so enjoy it while it lasts.





That distinctive scent and softness are all you need to know that your baby’s skin needs a special kind of skin care.

Sensitive and delicate, these young ones need a wipe that’s equally gentle for their precious skin.

What makes a good hand and face wipe for your baby


First and foremost, any handkerchief or wipe for your baby has to be safe.

If you’re a new mom or dad, you know that hours of research go into making sure you’re using the right products for your baby. It can become an obsession!

You want wipes and handkerchiefs for your baby to be free of allergens or irritants that can cause harm to your their delicate skin.

Look for dry, itchy patches on your baby’s skin, or any sort of red, hive-like rash. These are signs that common allergies are being triggered, and that you might be using the wrong products.

100% cotton products are recommended for the ultra-sensitive skin of babies and for adults who suffer from irritation when blowing their noses.


The material has to be soft to the touch, so as not to irritate your little one’s sensitive skin.







At the same time, it has to be absorbent enough to stop any spill or dribble.

Once again, you want a handkerchief for your baby that’s 100% cotton, and free from any scents that can cause irritation or trigger common allergens. And let’s face it, why would you need anything scented to distract from your little one’s amazing smell?


Anyone who has spent any amount of time around a newborn knows that there are going to be spills – lots of them. Don’t be fooled by how little babies are – they can make a big mess!

So, if you’re using disposable wipes and tissues to mop up the mess… well, you’re going to go through several boxes a day. Think of the cost of baby wipes vs the length of time you’ll need them… wouldn’t those bucks make more sense in a college fund?

Environmentally friendly

Again, any wipe you use for your baby has to be of the utmost softness. Unfortunately, this rules out any kind of handkerchief made from recycled material, as they can often contain harsh, scratchy elements.

That being said, you do want to consider the environmental impact of wipes and tissues. They are often made from non-renewable and non-recyclable sources. And, as mentioned, they pile up.

The UK has recently taken steps to crack down on single-use plastic products including wet wipes for babies.

From The Independent :

Wet wipes, which contain plastic, slowly break down into microplastics that are then ingested by marine life, with deadly consequences.

Your baby is the future- you want the earth to stay beautiful for them to enjoy.


They say it takes a village to raise a child. Any parent knows this to be true. Even just one baby often requires more arms and hands than you have.

And the same is true for wipes. A stash of wipes in your bag might seem like enough when you’re about to head out. But then comes a dribble and a drool moments later, and you’ve already run out.

Plus, where do you dispose of them?

Do they sometimes go back into your bag, filled with baby-spill?









All things being said and done, spills are going to happen. It’s just part of the joy of having a little one. Think of it this way: those stains tell the story of your family and reflect the history of your house.

But, you still need at least some way of keeping the mess under control.

Especially when your baby starts to have little friends over – then you’re really going to need something reliable and handy to rein in the spills!

Ideally, you’d want some kind of cloth or wipe that you always have at the ready. Just make sure to pair this with the knowledge that you won’t be able to mop up everything all the time – and that’s okay.

Hankybook: The best handkerchief for baby

I created the HankyBook to solve my own runny nose problems, but much to my surprise I soon realized that HankyBooks were perfect for moms and dad who needed help cleaning up spills, drools and other precious messes.

HankyBook is made of 100% ultra-soft and absorbent cotton – perfectly soft for a little one’s skin.

handkerchief for baby

Where a HankyBook differs from a normal hanky is the unique form – a small book shape with hanky “pages” between covers. The cover and thickness of the pages are designed so you can clean up a spill or blow a nose and then simply turn the page for a clean surface.

Best handkerchief for blowing nose

Close the HankyBook to seal germs and grossness within so you can pop it into a bag or your pocket without a worry.

I recommend parents carry a few with them and put used HankyBooks into one pocket of a bag and have clean HankyBooks ready for baby in the other.

When you get home just toss them in the wash and soon they will be hygienically clean and ready for reuse.

Your baby will love HankyBook. So will you. Heck, even the environment will love you for it!

And, our HankyBook patterns are almost as cute as your little one. You can use them for years so your HankyBooks could become treasured family keepsakes.

Of course, you don’t only have to use HankyBook for your child or as a thoughtful baby shower gift; they are multipurpose so you can use them for colds, kitchen spills, sweaty foreheads after yoga, you name it!

Final thoughts + special offer

Spills and cleaning up messes are part and parcel of being a parent.

It’s important to prepare for what’s to come, so finding the right wiping solution for you and your baby is a must.

I think you’ll find that a soft, cotton handkerchief for baby is a hygienic and sustainable solution.

Particularly when it is as functional and cute as the HankyBook.

Try your first HankyBook today with a special 15% discount when using the code BABY15 at checkout.

Happy days!
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