8 Absorbent Pages

HankyBooks are made of eight organic cotton pages bound together as a book. The soft organic fabric is extra absorbent, and is very gentle on skin. Great for allergies, and no more raw nose from rough paper.

Protective Cover

Each HankyBook has a cute protective cover that keeps hands, pockets, and purses clean. The cover makes a HankyBook more sanitary than a traditional hankie, and easy to carry with you on-the-go.

Machine Washable

All HankyBooks are fully washable and reusable. Just throw it in the washer and drier when done for a fresh book ready for endless use. No more throwing away wasteful paper tissues.

5 Key Benefits of HankyBooks Over Tissues

Return to Simple – HankyBooks are convenient. Say goodbye to piles of tissues and trips to the trash can.

Gentle on Nose and Skin – Made out of 100% Organic Cotton, and your nose can tell the difference. No more red-nose from harsh paper.

Saves Money – Stop throwing money in the trash by paying for endless boxes of disposable tissues and wipes. The HankyBook pays for itself in a few months and lasts a lifetime!

More Sanitary – Most used tissues end up in pockets or on surfaces. Stop spreading those nasty germs everywhere with crumpled up tissues! The HankyBook’s covers are here to help.

Gentle to the Environment – It takes 163,000 trees to make 1 box of tissues for each US household. HankyBooks save trees, water, and energy.

Some of the Many Uses of the HankyBook

Allergy Season

Cold Weather

Messy Baby






Cleaning Glasses

Wiping Spills


Kids Packs

“I love my new HankyBook. I never leave home without mine!”

– Roland, CA


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