The HankyBook Story

The HankyBook was born in 2008, when an Engineering student at the University of California at Berkeley grew tired of disapproving looks from classmates at her handkerchief use, and came up with a novel solution for her sniffles.

It would not fill up as fast as a handkerchief, and because of its folding cover pages it was more sanitary when kept in the pocket. Problem solved! Before you knew it, many people wanted to get one of their own. After a successful day at the San Diego Earthfair in 2010, HankyBook was launched to make them available for everyone everywhere and promote the joy of reusables for a new generation.

In 2013, the HankyBook raised $12,500 through a successful Kickstarter Crowdfunding campaign which enabled the HankyBook cover fabric to be screen printed in large scale efficient production in the Los Angles, California. This enabled the HankyBook to use cover fabric that was woven in the USA.

Learn about the creation story of the HankyBook in this fun short video!

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