In this age of shameless marketing, people are more scrupulous as to claims that state “eco-friendly” on any product packaging. As they should be! Transparency should be a quality all manufacturers should strive for. So why are HankyBooks good for the earth, you ask.

The Eco-Friendly Tissue Alternative

HankyBook is a reusable product, acting as a modern alternative to paper tissues. Those tissues, of course, come from trees, using up a large amount of water and chemicals in the process of making them. Most of the tissue paper used in this country is from virgin fiber, meaning it is not recycled but comes directly from trees cut down specifically to make them. Americans on average, go through about 50 pounds of tissue paper per person per year. About ten percent of that is made up of facial tissue.

Trees are a precious resource. Not least because they act as nature’s own carbon storage. Transforming them to paper also uses a great deal of energy – all for something that is used once and then discarded. In fact, 80% of all products sold in the United States are used just one time and then thrown away.

The Evolution of the Handkerchief

The HankyBook seeks to counter this wastefulness at the core of our society by providing a reusable option you can keep using over and over again without creating waste.

HankyBooks are crafted from 100% certified organic cotton. This means no pesticides or insecticides are used in the growing of the cotton. Traditional cotton growing uses massive amounts of pesticide and insecticide – they are some of the most chemically treated crops in the world. Organic cotton production utilizes none of these harmful chemicals, for the well-being of the earth as well as the farmers growing it.

You can just feel the softness, can’t you?

Look for a forthcoming post explaining our process of making HankyBooks. And the care that goes into ensuring that they are not just good but great for the Earth!

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