HankyBook Wedding Favor – Ribbon


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Minimum order: 25

HankyBook is a new wedding ceremony, bridal shower, or other event favor that offers guests a welcome gift that is practical, meaningful, and memorable. Guests caught off-guard by their emotions can easily wipe away happy tears and take their HankyBook home where it can be used for years and become a treasured keepsake.

Choose a Ribbon Style and Cover pattern above to match your style. We recommend ordering HankyBooks in the cellophane wrapper for protection.

Want to wrap the HankyBooks yourself? Choose the DIY option and we’ll send your chosen ribbon, cellophane wrapper, and HankyBook unassembled for a discount.

Please specify during checkout if you are needing your order by a specific date. Otherwise,your order will ship within 1 week of purchase.



Additional information


Cellophane – recommended, None

Ribbon Type

Antique White Satin 7/8", White Satin, 7/8", White Shear, 7/8"

HankyBook Cover

Plain, Wreath, Quote: "For tears..", Paisley, Birds


No, I want to package myself, Yes, Ship assembled

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