Save Trees and Say Goodbye to chemical laden tissue clutter and waste.
Now in a compact book form, the HankyBook is here to help!

Organic Cotton Pages

Got cold weather sniffles or sweaty on that climb? Runny make-up or foggy glasses? Simply flip to a clean page and you’re back on your game.

Protective Cover

The HankyBook has a travel-friendly protective cover to keep your hands, pocket and purse clean. We argue here why the HankyBook can be MORE sanitary than disposable tissues!

A Reusable Book

Why throw your money in the trash? The HankyBook can be washed with your clothes (just like socks) and used over and over again. #BringingTheHankyBack!

  • 100 HankyBook con fiocco – Scegli il colore del nastro ($5,55 ciascuno)

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  • 100 HankyBook con fiocco – Scegli il colore del nastro ($5,55 ciascuno)

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6 Key Benefits of HankyBooks Over Tissues

More Sanitary

Most used tissues end up in pockets or on surfaces. Stop spreading those nasty germs everywhere with crumpled up tissues! The HankyBook’s covers are here to help.

Gentle on Nose and Skin

Made out of 100% Organic Cotton, and your nose can tell the difference. No more red-nose from harsh paper.

Saves Money

Stop throwing money in the trash by paying for endless boxes of disposable tissues and wipes. The HankyBook pays for itself in a few months and lasts a lifetime!


Return to Simple

HankyBooks are convenient. Say goodbye to piles of tissues and trips to the trash can. Say hello to the HankyBook only a pocket away.

Gentle to the Environment

It takes 163,000 trees to make 1 box of tissues for each US household. HankyBooks save trees, water, and energy.

Made in the USA

All HankyBooks are sewn in San Diego, CA, just miles from the site of where the first HankyBooks were made. The pages and covers are made of organic cotton fabric that is U.S. milled as well.

Well, the HankyBook may just bring hankies back into fashion.

Rachael Ray Blog

HankyBook cleverly replaces disposable tissues like Kleenex.

Beth Terry, My Plastic Free Life

A drop of love can bring an ocean of tears.


Some of the Many Uses of the HankyBook

Allergy Season

Cold Weather

Baby Clean Up






Cleaning Glasses

Wiping Spills

Makeup Touch-Up

Kids Packs

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