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fully customizable

Whether a traditional white wedding or a casual tropical ceremony – we have HankyBooks to complement your style. Customize the HankyBook cover, packaging, ribbon, or stickers for a personal touch that will be appreciated by all.

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your special day deserves a special favor

Prepare your guests for tears of joy, runny makeup, and other celebratory spills.

Guests rarely anticipate and are prepared for the flood of emotions that surface during the wedding ceremony.

Pamper your loved ones with a unique wedding favor that will help them embrace every moment on your special day.

Your guests will take home the personalized HankyBook and be reminded of your magical day for years to come.

luxurious organic cotton

Pamper your guests with the finest in cotton comfort.

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A drop of love can bring an ocean of tears.
Delight your loved ones with a unique gift that will give comfort during the most heartfelt moments and can be taken home to make the memories last!  Customize your HankyBook and packaging to match your style and budget.

We apologize, our special event HankyBook ordering site is under renovation but you can still charm your guests with HankyBooks by following the link below. We’ll be in touch with pricing and options to get you on your way!

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