Cleaning & Care

Caring for your HankyBook is simple. If you are not picky, then go ahead and throw the HankyBook in with your clothes in the washer and dryer, easy as pie. BUT we do have a few tricks if you want to keep your HankyBook in tip-top shape and to ensure that your HankyBook stays in great condition for years to come.

Air It Out

BIG TIP! Help your HankyBook dry quickly, not get compacted, and stay tidy by shaking it out. To do this after each use hold it by the sewn edge and snap your wrist a few times to align the pages.

Pull Pages Apart Before Washing

For the best cleaning results, take a second or two to pull the pages apart just before washing  – whatever works to keep the HankyBook pages from sticking together awkwardly. If you’re more of the sloppy and forgetful owner, like me, don’t worry. The wash will take care of most of this “naturally”.

Wash it Regularly

It is a good idea to wash your HankyBooks regularly. When they’re used and then left out for a long period of time, dirt tends to settle in. You don’t want that. Just keep it simple. If you don’t use your HankyBook that much, throw it in your laundry whenever your laundry cycle would call for you to wash your clothes anyway – it’ll keep it nice and clean, and the fabric actually gets softer as you wash it. If you do use it a lot – well, simple enough, wash it frequently (but try to wash it with full loads of laundry to conserve water and energy).

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