What is a HankyBook?

The HankyBook is a fabric organic cotton “book” made of extra absorbent pages with an attractive protective cover. These are sewn permanently together on a bind.

The HankyBook can be used for anything disposable tissues, napkins, or baby wipes would be used for, and also have two added benefits:

#1. The page format means you will get a new clean surface every time you use it.
#2. With the protective cover you can store the HankyBook safely in your pocket, purse or bag, without worry of contamination!



The HankyBook has turned out to be a multi-purpose accessory with almost unlimited users. Our customers have reported using it for cleaning their glasses, drying up spills, wiping their hands after gardening among other things. A very common use of it is to give a HankyBook to a child. They love having their own little cleanup accessory, and HankyBooks make for a great “back-to-school” item for almost any age.

Babies: First invented as a more sanitary modern day solution to the runny nose, the HankyBook quickly also turned out to be an everyday essential for those who take care of babies. A wonderful green gift for a green baby.


HankyBooks are machine washable. Generally, just take care of your HankyBook like you would a traditional handkerchief. Each of our hankies has eight pages, meaning you will get many uses out of it before it’s time to wash it. When it’s time to wash just throw them in the hamper with your clothes. They can be machine washed and dried. No special tricks required. The HankyBook will soften and fade slightly after many washes. For more care instructions, visit our Cleaning and Care page here.

Give the HankyBook a try, or if you want to make a friend for life, gift one to someone with allergies, a runny nose or just a messy baby.

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