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HankyBook Kickstarter Announcement

HankyBook has been around for just over 3 years now. During that time, thousands of people have gotten their hands on one of our unique hand-made reusable handkerchiefs.

Now, it’s time we grow bigger. We at HankyBook have started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for us to move into large-scale production. Our Kickstarter video below explains in detail how this can happen. Now we need your help to take that next step.

Going big does not mean abandoning our tried and true methods or environmental credentials. We’ll still use organic cotton fabric, we’ll still have HankyBooks sewn by hand by our partners here in San Diego, and we’ll still use environmentally friendly methods to die and produce the HankyBook.

View our campaign page and video here!

What the campaign can do for us, if successful, is to open up an opportunity to brand all of our own HankyBooks with our own designs, to make more HankyBooks at a time bringing down the cost of materials and manufacture, and give us more time to get the product out there in the hands of their users, rather than doing the labor intensive manufacturing process ourselves.

Take a minute to look at our campaign page at Kickstarter here. If you can’t support it yourself, that is fine – but please take a minute to share it with your friends. Think of those among your friends who are especially concerned about the environment and are already open to reusable products, and tell them about our campaign. We will owe you – and don’t forget, there are great rewards for supporting our campaign too!

Thank you in advance from us at HankyBook!

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