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4 Ways to Use HankyBooks for Babies

One of the things that became clear very early on in our journey was that HankyBooks are definitely not just for adults – babies love them at least as much!

Many customers have written to tell us that their children have become so attached to their HankyBooks that they even sleep with them! Naturally that kind of feedback is very warming and great to hear.

With that in mind, here are some tips for you parents of young children or infants on how you can use the HankyBook :


1) Face cleaning

Babies tend to be messy eaters, and let’s face it, they’re just generally messy. Use the HankyBook to wipe their face clean after a meal or a snot-producing episode. They’ll be soothed and happy with the softness of the pages. Not only that, but you won’t have to throw anything away, and HankyBooks have enough material for several cleaning wipes.


2) Nose blowing

As you may know, babies need to blow their noses too. But they can sometimes be a bit messier than us adults. Using the HankyBook to clean up their mess will save money in that you can wash it and reuse it over and over, and the softness of the fabric and cute designs will have the child happy and clean in equal measure.


3) On the go

Babies can make a mess wherever you are, sometimes at the most inopportune moments. Carrying a HankyBook will help you get around that problem. It is easy and convenient to carry with you, small enough for a pocket and the protective covers assure you that whatever spills and messes you clean up won’t contaminate the rest of your stuff. And you won’t have to throw anything away out there.


4) Spill control

When you’re little, you may not have perfect control of your motor systems, or terrific hand-eye coordination. Result : spills are inevitable. Whether you’re at home at the dinner table, or in the car with a group of young ones, HankyBooks will help you clean up small spills and not have to worry about buying more tissues or paper towels. The beauty of reusables is that you can always carry it with you and you’ll save money in not having to buy it again and again.

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